“ An Appeal to the Donors … “

From  Dr. S.J. Gandhirajan, Ph.D.,  Founder Chairman.


Day to day life utilization and the intake of Fast food destroys the normal healthy life promotes cancer in younger age say male and female children at the age of 12 is the statistical reports of this decade.

HIV is the viral infection and it is due to the mistake on crime we may say some times it is accident. But cancer carcinoma never due in anybody’s mistake of malpractice.

So the acquiring ratio of cancer is this decade can be prevent detecting the very carcinogens genetically in earlier days itself and suffering can be prevented early cancer in the first stage can be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The life span in the detection of later stage is decreased drastically due to the speedy spread of cancer.

Cancer can be detected before the occurrence by genetically investigation even 30 years before.

So early detection helps in complete curing from cancer

The humanity can be rescued from cancer, which is going to affect the young generation due to so many reasons and etiology. That can be cured by relevant steps by not only allopathy other various integrated medicines also and gene therapy too.

Biotechnology methods to detect is around Rs. 7000 per head can reveal the early detection to minimize the suffering and medical expenses. We can run like lion’s club to detect and safe guard mankind with your support either financially or promoting Biotech  investigations.

Forming centers for cancer therapy like linear emission cancer therapy to cure without surgical correction in the later stages with your support we can promote medical centers widely.

Bringing awareness by documentaries to show the haphazard’s of the upcoming life styles of younger generation.

Totally in one decade the above said precautionary and trading measures along with bringing awareness can help in supporting us in the noble way.